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Praise God for a personalized outdoor living space with Fire, Water, and Light all coming together to create an enchanting atmosphere to relax at the end of the day or for summer evening parties.

We began this project with the initial on-site consultation meeting to discuss the ideas and vision our clients had for their space. The next step was creating and presented our clients with a 3D video design - and they were ecstatic. They knew they wanted a complete landscape overhaul for the entire property with a water feature and fire pit in the backyard, but they never imagined we would be able to design and create a backyard entertaining space that checked all their boxes and more. This was a small space to work with, but our designers created a phenomenal landscape plan including lush plants and flowers specifically chosen to attract in ladybugs, butterflies and hummingbirds, precise species of shrubs, plants and trees, a custom paver patio, fencing, step-stone pathways, and more! Besides being visually stunning, we were able to add an increased level of privacy that our clients didn't even realize they needed. But upon seeing it in the 3D rendering they were very interested and excited for all the new possibilities. 

The natural gas fire bowl in the center of the paver patio creates an inviting warmth, and is easy to use and maintain. The fire bowl instantly turns on at the touch of a button and allows you to control the flame and heat level - allowing it to go from tall, whipping flames to simmering coals. Our team utilized a corner of the back yard to design and install a gorgeous multi-level waterfall and pond that provides gentle, babbling background sounds through the backyard - ambiently encouraging visitors to sit back and relax in for a while. Water features are a critical element to a complete, well rounded and relaxing landscape design. That's why we see them in 5-star resorts and spas around the world. 

Lighting packages were installed in the front and back yard to add three very valuable elements: safety, beauty and functionality. Lit up walkways allow our clients and visitors to safely enjoy the property after dark, year round, without harsh lighting. As the sun sets and the landscape lighting comes up this space takes on a whole different level of charm and ambience with the gorgeous accents and features beautifully illuminated. The lights were placed very intentionally for both functionality and to highlight specific aspects of the project: the water feature, Japanese maple trees, plants... and also to add major curb appeal. 

Needless to say, we love what we do, and this project was an exiting and rewarding one. The clients blessed us with a wonderful 5 star google review and we got to make 3 new wonderful friends throughout the process. Bless you and thank you Jay, Stacy, and (puppy dog) Boomer for the kindness and the opportunity to be your landscape design and construction team. We can't wait for the next one!

If you took the time to read this, I wanted to say bless you as well. I was 23 years old when I fell on my knees, and I asked God for the truth about the world. I was in a very bad place, but I genuinely wanted to know what there was to look forward to in life. When I did that, I felt a presence come into the room unlike anything I had ever experienced, and I felt a peace that was not my own, yet it was given to me to have. I then was given visions of my own life, my own decisions and where they had led me. I saw the path I was currently on and how dark they were. at the end of them, it got even darker. I then saw another road that was dark, but at the end of it there seemed to be a tiny light shining through. Then and there I gained something I had been living without for years and didn't even know it, Hope. But above all of those things what I will never forget is the gift that God had given me that night. He showed how real His son Jesus is and explained to me in a moment noticed what He really did for me on that cross. He didn't have to do it, He was God. He could have snapped his fingers and fixed all his problems and been done with it. As the creator, He would have been perfectly just to do that. But instead, He chose to make a way for me to come back to Him. He says to us in His word, if we will repent of our sin and put our trust in His son Jesus, then we will be saved and have eternal life with Him and in my experience that is not just life after death, but it is beautiful fulfilling life here on earth. I did that on December 9th, 2018, on a dirty, cold bathroom floor about 3 am and I'll never forget the ugliest blue tile that i had ever seen. I pray that these words are more than just words for you as they are so much more than just words to me, and that you can feel the love that I get to feel everyday now. Its incredible to say these things. It felt like my life began that night and that I had always just been a 30% version of me.

He took me from a broken and without hope or purpose individual to a Son who feels adored. He made me a husband to my beautiful and gentle wife Aubrey. He made me a father to my hilarious daughter Raaya and my unbelievably cute 7-month-old daughter Millie Rose. And I can't believe my life now looking back. But I can tell you one thing. I will be grateful to God for the rest of my life and I will always and forever dedicate myself to loving Him first obeying His word and stewarding the construction of His kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.

Bless you. and be well.

Randy McCabe. 

Owner of Cross Creek Landscape Design + Build, Follower and friend of our Lord and King Jesus. 


"The God who healed me"