Imagine your very own backyard resort. Cascading waterfall, crackling fire, preparing dinner in your outdoor kitchen suite, birds and butterflies fluttering about your plants and trees... We don't just do basic cookie cutter landscaping, we transform outdoor living areas into spaces where your family and friends will gather, relax and make memories forever. Some of our specialities include fire features to instantly bring ambience and warmth at the press of a button, water features from water falls to streams and ponds, artistically and tastefully placed landscape accent lighting, and full outdoor kitchens. We aspire to design and build outstanding outdoor living spaces. We want to exceed your expectations from the beginning design concept to the final product. We value our clients' trust, and we respect our clients' vision and investment. We would be honored to work with you.

Building beautiful, one of a kind outdoor living spaces is our job and our passion, but loving people like Jesus does every day is our mission as a company. I would argue that serving Him makes us better designers and builders than other companies because He has asked us in His word to serve our clients the same way that Jesus served us. All In! He said in the book of Colossians chapter 3 verse 23, "Whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart, as working for the Lord. Not for human masters". What this means to our company and every one of our leaders is that we will do to others what we would wish they would do to us. Check every box, dot every i, and serve each other as if each person is more important than ourselves. If you took the time to read this, bless you, and if you ever need someone to pray with you or you just want to hear a crazy true story of how Jesus saved the life of a broken down man and changed his life forever in a mere moment, you can call our owner (Randy McCabe) directly at (208) 704-0762. 

A little bit about how our company got started...

Cross Creek Landscape Design + Build is a homegrown business run by Randy and Aubrey who are both N. Idaho natives. The core value of Cross Creek is to serve God. We honor that value, day in and day out, through honorable and honest hard work, caring deeply for the people we work with, and never forgetting that all good things come from Him.

Randy started the business (originally named Coeur d’Alene Landscaping) in 2019 with a big dream and $100 dollars in his pocket. As he was trying to figure out how to go about starting and building a business he spent a lot of time talking with his mother and praying for guidance. It was in these moments of prayer when he had a vision of the logo for Coeur d’Alene Landscaping. From that spark the flame began to grow! On faith he took that $100 and purchased business cards and t-shirts. He set out with determination and grit that only comes from knowing you are on the path God has set for you - and you are never alone.

Randy started out at ground level doing basic maintenance work. He was soon able to develop a solid clientele roster, hire a crew and the business thrived. That first season, in addition to landscape maintenance, he and the crew began expanding into installation projects.

Since those humble beginnings Randy has followed scripture, listened for God’s messages and worked incredibly hard to increase his skillset - and the business has grown exponentially! He has mastered the complexities of irrigation systems, patio/pathway designs with various materials, fire pit creations, retaining walls, water feature installation, accent lighting, and all manners of hard/softscape creations utilizing boulders/decorative rock/pavers/trees/plants/flowers/etc…. and there is no end in sight! Randy continues honing and expanding his talents and building the company that began under God’s loving guidance. One of the ways in which God has guided this journey is to bring phenomenal people into Randy’s life. One particular and very special person He has brought to us is a mentor that has walked with and led Randy to help him grow in so many ways, personally and professionally. 

Today we still carry the original purpose of the company in our hearts as we aim to serve our clients in God’s spirit. In our daily lives we strive to share love through kindness and grace - and we work hard on every project detail with diligence, honor and integrity.

God Bless you,

Cross Creek Team ~ 208-518-9480

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Randy McCabe - Owner

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