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Forest Oasis

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This complete property overhaul from a large, underdeveloped, dirt yard to a beautiful oasis for her whole family to enjoy all year round. This design was intentionally built with every season in mind.

When we first met Anne she expressed having had frustrating and stressful experiences working with other contractors in our area. As with every client, we made it our mission from the very start to ensure we would give nothing less than our absolute best and to provide a 5-star experience for Anne.

Anne's property was a large, underdeveloped, and in need of everything from grading to irrigation. She wanted to turn her property into a beautiful oasis that her family would enjoy for years to come. A couple of the key features she desired included a porcelain walkway & patio area (yep, porcelain - that incredibly tough and resilient material that your toilets are made of!) with a statement fire feature built into the patio lounge space. She also envisioned turning the large spaces around the property into a resort style outdoor experience complete with boulders, lighting, large grass areas, elegant and natural looking dry river bed hardscaping, lovely plants and an assortment of tall, gorgeous trees. She chose a great mixture of evergreen and deciduous trees so that some would remain deep green year round and others would change with the seasons here in North Idaho providing their stunning Fall and Spring colors. 

By the end of her project Anne was ecstatic - and we were so grateful to be blessed with the opportunity to build this forest oasis for Anne and her family. Thank Jesus! We are honored to have be chosen and trusted by Anne, and most importantly to have gained a good friend in the process.

 Praise Jesus for glowing reviews from Anne on Google and Yelp!