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Landscape project that combined recreation with beauty.

Transforming a backyard into a multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing space can be a rewarding challenge. Recently, we completed a landscape project for a client who envisioned a backyard that combined recreation with beauty. Our client's vision was to have a dynamic outdoor space that included a bocce ball court, a putting green, updated grass, and landscaped beds around the property.


We began by creating a detailed 3D design of the proposed layout. This allowed the client to visualize the entire project before work commenced. The 3D model included the bocce ball court, putting green, new lawn, and landscaping beds, ensuring all elements fit harmoniously within the space. We worked with the clients to ensure that all walkways were where they wanted them, the court was to their liking, and that they had a beautiful view of the lake at all times!


Bocce Ball Court: We began by selecting an ideal location for the bocce ball court, ensuring it was level and had adequate drainage. The court was constructed with professional-grade materials to provide a perfect playing surface.

Putting Green:
Next, we installed a synthetic putting green designed to simulate the feel of real grass. The green was tailored to fit the space, with contours and holes placed to create a challenging and enjoyable practice area.

Updated Grass:
We removed the old lawn to finally retire the football turf, and replaced it with a new, resilient variety of grass that can withstand heavy use and stay green throughout the seasons.

Landscaping Beds:
Around the perimeter of the property, we designed and planted new landscaping beds. These beds included a mix of flowering plants, shrubs, and ornamental grasses to add color, texture, and interest year-round.

To complete the project, we added an irrigation System to ensure all areas of the yard receive the right amount of water. We strategically placed landscape lighting throughout the yard to highlight key features and extend usability into the evening hours and stone pathways connecting the various elements of the yard, creating a seamless flow.


The finished project transformed the backyard into a versatile and beautiful space that meets the client's recreational needs and enhances the property's curb appeal. The bocce ball court and putting green provide endless entertainment, while the updated grass and landscaped beds offer a lush, inviting environment.